We started official website and we'll start a record label named Poco Poco Beat

We announce big news! We opened our official website and we'll start a record label named  Poco Poco Beat soon. Visit our new website right now!!!





We're recording new songs in Tokyo.
And  our official website will start soon !!!



Show in Tokyo

We have one more show in Tokyo!!

■時間:OPEN18:30 START19:00
■料金:前売 2000円(D別)/当日 2500円(D別)

talk like elephant
...and more

■問 DaisyBar 03-3421-0847

発売日 1/10(土)
イープラス  http://eee.eplus.co.jp/



Thank you all supported us and came to our shows in 2014.
We hope you will have a good year and we want to keep to make good music this year too.
Thank you.


本年度もTHE SUZANをよろしくお願いいたします!



本日、中目黒SOLFAにてDJ+アコースティックライブ年忘れPARTY  ”BONENKAI”に出演します。スタートは夜10時、朝まで一緒に飲んで歌って踊りましょう!!ENTRANCEは1000円。お友達を誘って気軽に遊びに来てくださーい。 Tonight we'll have a DJ plus Live Party in Nakameguro Solfa!

BONENKAI タイムテーブル
22:00 - アオチン
23:00 - 月刊ヤングジャンプ増刊号 (ishizawa × Y.J × 小坂ダイちゃん)
00:00 - ayame
01:00 - THE SUZAN acousutic set
02:00 - chisumi hasegawa
03:00 - tappei
04:00 - 洸星 (StarK)
- 05:00
22:00 - shun saito
23:00 - クロキトモコ (SIKAKEPROJECT)
00:00 - tomokazu yamada
01:00 - 大月壮
02:00 - ETHNIC MINORITY soloist (Hiroyuki Yokota)
03:00 - junichi sue
04:00 - peta
- 05:00



The Suzan live at Club Asia (Tokyo)

Wikitree again! Here is an article of our show on Dec 16th at Shibuya Club Asia by Miriam Basco.

No one can stop The Suzan. On Tuesday 16th they did it again and gave it all to the 200 people who went to "Club Asia" , one of the hottest club in Tokyo right now. People gone mad to get in, some of them they even queued for hours and some others were singing their songs even before the gig started. They just couldn't wait to start dancing to the music from The Suzan's new album "GOLDEN WEEK FOR THE POCO POCO BEAT", a really cute album filled up with 8 great songs that will blow yourself away.
Public who attended said that The Suzan show was the best of the year so far and that The Rolling Stones concert was nothing compared to them. some guys said that the band members are all so pretty and charming and so full of energy that they can't resist going to their shows.

                                                                              Photo by Noriko Suzuki
Indeed, when you listen to their album you get automatically recharged with positive energy and you can even see the sun in a foggy day. Yes, that's what you experience when you listen to their songs, you've got a sudden shoot of energy that makes you feel everyday the sun is shinning high.

Band member Rie Suzuki said that the reaction of the audience was amazing, they danced and sang non stop with each of the songs they played. For Rie, that moment when the audience was singing along with them was the moment when the band was most connected with the public. In that precise moment, the band and public became one. Saori also mentioned that, when the band and the public sang along together, she felt totally at home and enjoyed enormously the show thanks to them. 
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The Suzan Live Stream at Hobonichi by Miriam Basco

Yes, this terrific trio did it again. The Suzan gone totally wild and show no mercy in front of the camera and the selected VIP audience who yesterday, December 10th, could attend to one of the most awaited events of the month in Tokyo. 

The Suzan live Stream at Hobonichi gathered 30 exclusive invitees from all sorts of backgrounds. People from different generations, from young to not-that-young gathered together for the same purpose: to enjoy the HA HA HA - WOOHOO of a band that is becoming a cult in the music industry not only in Japan but also in the world.

Just like their songs COME COME and HOME, the audience came came and felt totally at home with Rie, Saori, Nico and Mike Nogami. 

The viewers that enjoyed the live stream did it in a very privileged angle. Mike Nogami was the cameraman and streamed the gig to the world. What the viewers were watching was exactly the same as Mike's. The camera became to be Mike Nogami's eyes and the audience became one with him. The audience who were right there at the venue, and the viewers at their home, felt exactly the same excitement and warmness of the night. 

Wanna read more? Visit Wikitre site↓