Chromeo's Risky Business Tour Final in Pomona!!!

I love each moment of this tour, and miss every awesome weekends at the same time..
Last night was the final of tour with Chromeo and MNDR.

Pomona was very good fit city for the final day.
We could not do sightseeing, but feel how this city is nice and meet kind people !
One guy came up to us and said "Chromeo, MNDR, and you guys The Suzan are perfect combination for this Risky Business tour!" after the gig. I totally agree with him.

In fact, it was the very first time to tour whole US for us The Suzan.
Sometimes We had kind of tough work as we stuck in the snow mountain...but now all we can say is "this tour was amazingly fun!!!".

We toasted with Chromeo, MNDR, and great staffs after the show. They treated us as if we are their sisters:)
I already look forward to seeing them again!

We appreciate to all who gave us such a great chance, who supported this tour, and who enjoyed our shows very much!!
We really hope we can visit every cities where we toured again!!

Today is our last gig for this US tour, with Lights on In San Diego!
See you there everyone:)

Big love and kisses!

昨晩はCheomoパイセンRisky Business tourの最終日でした。






今日はSan DiegoでLights onパイセンと西海岸の最終公演です!

Somebody's limo.
rehearsaling Ikue&NICO.
with our great friend, MNDRパイセン.
Big love for sweet fan!
having good time at after party?

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