Summer Screening on the Rooftop!

Last night we participated to the event called Rooftop Film which is screening underground films on rooftop.
We played as the opening for the film before screening.

Unfortunately when we played, it was rain so we should play inside,
but it was so fascinating for us to play in such a huge auditorium with great visual effects.

The audiences last night were totally different from ones in usual venues.
It seemed many kind of generations who love movies gathered there.
It's unfamiliar for us to play in front of all seated audiences,
but once we started playing our feelings were the same as we play in usual venues.
We played our show enjoying as usual.
It seemed great seated audiences received such our feelings.
We could see their smiles and figures clapping their hands with our music from stage.
Some people stood up and danced although it was seated show!
How free there was!

After we finished to play, it was not rain anymore, then screening on the rooftop was started.
The film was titled as "Co-independent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same" and was SF comedy.
As we can know from that unique title, the contents of the film also were filled with freedom.
The story was kind of love story between lesbian alien and a woman in NY.
I think this movie is funny film which transcends many categolies.
The summer night sky was filled with audience's laughing and the atmosphere there was heartwarming from the begining till the end.

I think NY is the city which is greedy for interesting things and excitements and the city expresses freedom in many ways.
The gig we played last night was rare experience for us because we could go through such deep NY culture.
And this experience stimulated our minds so now we are also eagar to do something interesting!

Thank you so much all who came to Rooftop Film!
We are really looking forward to share enjoyable feelings with you in the future:)


昨晩はRooftop Filmというビルの屋上でライブ演奏や映画の上映を行うイベントに参加させていただきました。
THE SUZANは映画のオープニングとしての出演でした。


THE SUZANにとっては不慣れな着席形式のライブでしたが、演奏が始まれば気持ちはいつもと何ら変わりません。

映画は"Co-dependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same"というタイトルのコメディSF映画。


Rooftop Filmに来てくれた皆さん、どうもありがとう!


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