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さて、そんな春にぴったりなカラフルでワクワクしちゃうThe Suzanの新しいミュージックビデオが遂に完成しました!

お馴染みのギターポップソング"Ha Ha Ha"が楽しい衣装と装飾と共に飛び出すとっても素敵なビデオです;)

さてこのビデオ、実はDell Intelと女性ドラマー雑誌Tom Tom Magazineとのコラボレーション企画。
様々な場面で活躍しているクリエイターたちがWilliamsburgのスタジオに集い、Dell XPS 13 Ultrabookを駆使して3日間でミュージックビデオを撮影するというものでした。



Enjoy and love it!!!

Hi everyone!

Now cherry blossoms are blooming and people's outfits come to be more and more colorful...
Spring has come in NY:)
Our new colorful enjoyable music video of "Ha ha ha" is finally completed and this is perfectly good fit for such blooming season!

This video is filled by poppy costumes and cute decorations with our familiar guitar pop song "HA HA HA".

Directed by Ian Wolfson
Creative Director: Mindy Abovitz (Tom Tom Magazine)
Produced by Noam Harary

In fact, this amazing video was created in the process of collaboration program of Dell and Intel, and the magazine for female drummer called "Tom Tom Magazine".
In this program, many talented creators gathered at the studio in Williamsburg and shoot music video in only 3 days with high technology of Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook.
You also can't miss behind-the-scene documentary.

This video has every staff's creative minds and big love.
We really hope that this video makes people who watch this so happy.

At last we would love to say "Thank you" so loudly to people who related with this video though they had no time and shared their fantastic ideas!

Enjoy and love it!!

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