Watch last night's TCGS!!


昨晩のThe Chris Gatherd Showは楽しんでいただけましたか?:)

カルチャーと格闘技とThe Suzanとがまさかの共演!
The Suzanは初のアメリカでのテレビ出演でしたが、緊張し過ぎることなく愉快なオーディエンスと共に楽しく演奏できました☆


The Suzanは番組開始後19分頃に1曲目、開始後46分頃に2曲目を披露しております☆


Hi Everyone!

Did you enjoy The Chris Gatherd Show last night?:)

It was an unexpected collaboration of culture and wrestling and THE SUZAN!
Last night was a very first time for us to play on TV show in The US, but we weren't tensed too much and could play with much pleasure and unique audiences:)

For people who missed this funny show last night, please be assured!
TGCS uploaded last night's episode, so watch this!

In this episode, The Suzan starts at 19min for the first song and second set starts around 46min.
But the rest of this episode is a must-see if you have a time.

See ya!;)

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