Interview for The Pulp Zine

Here is our interview for The Pulp Zine. 

Meet The Suzan!

  • Posted on: June 27, 2014

The Suzan are a pop-rock band from Tokyo, Japan. Formed in 2004 by sisters Rie (keyboards and vocals) and Saori (guitar and vocals). Soon they added school friends Nico (drums) and Ikue (bass) where their sound has been variously described as riot-grrl, pop and punk, and also incorporates elements of jazz, soul, surf and dance music.“ text from their website.
PAM: Can you tell us a little bit about the members of The Suzan?
THE SUZAN: We are trio. Saori is a lead singer & guitarist who likes indie music. Rie is a multi keyboardist. Rie likes to make demo songs at her room. Nico is a super cool drummer who loves second tom tom sound.
PAM: Your music has always made me feel full of colors. What do you feel when you’re playing?
THE SUZAN: We feel natural when we’re playing. As everyone has several characters, our music has many colors.
PAM: Do you remember your first concert, how was it?
THE SUZAN: Our first concert was at “GEISAI” which is a big festival of contemporary art Takashi Murakami organized in 2004.
We were really nervous to be careful not to make a mistake.
PAM: And how did that feel?THE SUZAN: It was weird but excitement experience. I think my life changed at that time(Saori).
PAM: If you could play with any band of any time, which would you choose?
THE SUZAN: I don’t have ideas to play with other band but I’d like to play in hard rock band(Nico).
PAM: What is the process of making a song and how is to translate it to a music video?
THE SUZAN: We have two song whiters Rie and Saori. We usually make demos separately using guitar and keyboard. Then we work together to arrange songs.
We ask the professional creator we can trust who can share our sensitivity when we make music videos.
PAM: What would be your dream tour destination?THE SUZAN: Be headliner for all big music festival in the world!
PAM: What are your favorite movies?THE SUZAN: “Ghost World”, “BatMan”, “TOTORO”
PAM: What would you like to say with your music?
THE SUZAN: We want to cheer up the people in our music.
PAM: If you could translate your music into a palette of colors, which colors would you choose?
THE SUZAN: We choose yellow. Yellow is positive and pop!
PAM: How would The Suzan land look like?
THE SUZAN: There is an ice cream shop. They’re making various types of taste using the material that was harvested in the jungle.
PAM: What are your future plans?
THE SUZAN: We’re working for new album now.
We hoping we can release it in this year and go to tour.
Special thanks to all the members of The Suzan
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