Check our documentary movie's article on Wikitree (Social network news and service)!  by Miriam Basco

Continuing with Mike Nogami's exhibition "Snapshot Diary" at the gallery Le Decó, on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th, at the basement of the gallery, the movie directed by Mike "The First Step featuring The Suzan" was introduced to the attendees who came all the way to Shibuya to enjoy good music and a great atmosphere. 

                                                          [Photo by Mike Nogami at The Suzan official Facebook Page]

But wait, who are The Suzan? These three cuties are Rie, Saori and Nico, and they can be proud to say that they are the only Asian girl group currently active in the United States and Europe. Their music has been described as Pop, Wild Dance, Punk and Garage Rock, but we will leave all the categories aside and say The Suzan have their own particular way of making music and consequently they have created their particular sound. 

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